The Garden

This space operates as a digital notebook of sorts. My hope in maintaining it is to channel the spirit of Michel de Montaigne—whose essays meander in all directions shamelessly—and the Zuihitsu genre of writing: Japanese literature that consists of fragmented essays, diary entries, and fleeting thoughts. The writing here isn’t really easy to categorize and I’m not going to try. It’s just me, thinking out loud much like I would in my diaries, without being tied down to chronological order. Nothing here is polished, everything is in a perpetual state of incompleteness. Much like a garden; regular pruning, seeding, and planting is to be done here, along with the cultivating the patience to watch small things grow.

It’s going to be a mess. I’m going to be wrong about things. You’re always free to email me at or tag me on Twitter using @jennymikac if you want to talk about anything you find here.

Right now the best place to read all of my notes is by heading over to the archive. It'll be easier to dive into some rabbit holes as the notes build up in the future.

❤︎ Jenny